Sunday, February 14, 2016

Start your Paleo journey

Ultimately, paleo is about eating naturally nutrient-rich foods
and that promote the healthiest you possible. And this will
differ from person to person.

The purpose of the Paleo Lifestyle is to clean out our diets
and rid our bodies of added sugar, modified grains, artificial sweeteners and dyes, and antibiotic ridden diary products.

Sound good to you !

Start your Paleo journey with this Food list

Grass-fed meats
Fresh fruits
Fresh vegetables
Healthy oils (olive, walnut, flaxseed, macadamia, avocado, coconut)

Why Most People Fail to STAY On the Paleo Diet

Now, given the amazing results and all the buzz about eating this way, you'd think it would be a breeze to stay on it, right?

Well, for some it is. But not all. Because unfortunately, most of the advice out there like "eat like a caveman"... or just "meat and vegetables" gives you no real instructions for how to do this diet properly.

So what happens? You get bored eating the same thing everyday... frustration goes... and then you quit.

But it doesn't have to be that way! PaleoHacks already provides the very best community for supporting and encouraging each other with cutting-edge info and truths about the Paleo Diet. Learn more

Want to spend less time in the grocery store? The fastest
way to shop paleo is to shop online.


The world's only USDA certified organic pre workout supplement.


USDA Organic Certified
Great Taste
Highly Bioavailable
Antioxidants + Polyphenols
Nutrient Dense
No Crash
Historical Precedent
Made in America
Gluten Free
Additive Free
Hormone Free
Preservative Free
Processed Sugar Free

This is an excellent energy boost for your evening workouts! 
It gives you the focus needed to crush your workouts! 
Amazing supplement for athletes working hard to improve 
themselves that provides healthy organic natural ingredients 
and doesn't interfere with your sleep afterwards. more info

#2   Orgain Organic Sweet Vanilla Bean, 11-Ounce Container 


Absolutely no caffeine
Gluten free
Zero trans fat
USDA organic
Please shake the bottle prior to use to dissolve any protein settling

Orgain is the world's first ready-to-drink certified organic meal replacement made from only the highest quality ingredients. 

Loaded with 16 grams of organic protein, organic complex carbohydrates from brown rice, organic spinach, kale, beets, tomatoes carrots, blueberry, banana, acai, apple, raspberry, organic green tea, organic pomegranate extracts along with 24 vitamins and minerals. If that wasn't enough, Orgain has the antioxidant equivalent (ORAC value) of 10 servings of fruits and vegetables and tastes incredibly delicious. 

Orgain has absolutely no caffeine, preservatives, gluten, saturated fat, hormones or antibiotics. Perfect for an organic meal on-the-go, a replenishing post-workout protein shake, extra nourishment, or a complete meal replacement for those looking to reach their weight loss goals organically.

More about this product

# 3

Amazing flavor! Just like real pizza

Simply delicious just like regular pizza crust. Just a lot more
healthier. One recommendation- you can add a little bit of
garlic powder and italian seasoning to the crust before
mixing in the food processor. Best tasting Grain-Free crust
on the market ! more info

# 4

These incredible durable wraps are ideal for making your favorite meals

The ingredients are very simple, non gmo, vegan, and paleo
friendly. One of the nice things about these wraps is that
they are bendable. These wraps are a great alternative to
tortillas. They are paper thin but are strong and stay good
when using salsa or wetter ingredients. I recommend them
for low carb or paleo diets. more info

There will be other Paleo products added daily...come check it out !

The most Delicious Paleo Recipes




Mim's Hummus is a classic recipe, simply flavored with lemon and garlic. The BEST 

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