Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Method Biogradable Eco-Friendly Cleaners Review

Method Review - Why choose this Brand ?

This is such a great brand for many reasons. First, let's talk about what kind of ingredients they are using for their products.

Every ingredients is carefully chosen and is biogradable and derived from plant oil, plant sources, plant based materials, fermented from plant sugars such as corn or sugar beets safe for people + planet friendly. They use colorant that are not accumulative in the environment; made from synthetic materials and free of heavy metals or other dirty ingredients.

The smell from most cleaning products triggers severe migraine headaches for me. I have tried many brands but this one is such a delight for your nose. It cleans well and leaves a nice scent behind.The fragrance is a blend composition of partly essential oils + partly synthetic ingredients. All of their finished products are clinically tested for irritation and allergy concerns.

Now, what I find even better is all of their bottle are from the world’s first bottles made with a blend of recovered ocean plastic + post-consumer recycled plastic.

You'll find all of your cleaning needs from Air Fresheners, Bathroom Products, Dishwashing, Eco-Friendly Home , Household Cleaning and Laundry.

What people says about it :

Best Cleaner I've tried to date.
I am a huge fan of all Method products, but this cleaner is quickly becoming my favorite. Unlike the all purpose cleaners, this is just designed for the bathroom, which in my house gets the most abuse. The scent is pleasant, I do not read more

Great on granite counter tops!
I got this product to clean my kitchen and granite counter tops. It smells so great I've been using it on anything that needs cleaned. Very grapefruity and fresh! Cleans my read more

Great natural cleaning product!
This has a very nice subtle grapefruit smell. I was a little worried it wouldn't clean like ordinary cleaner. It goes beyond my expectations and is actually read more

I clean EVERYTHING with this!!!
I so love this cleaner. I clean everything from painted walls, to the kitchen to the bathroom. I even read more

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